Monday, May 20, 2013

Why wearable devices to replace TV as this year's most hot spots

5 years, seem to be technology innovation cycle. Since 2007 Apple released iPhone, released in 2008 after the App Store-led smartphone trends, technology seems to be waiting for the next big opportunity. However, the tech industry is always take the lead in 35, iTV and in the legend of Apple iWatch before have not come out, other companies have launched similar smart devices such as Google (micro-blogging) has introduced a Google and Google TV oakleys
So, the next step towards smart devices is further screen zoom in to occupy the living room, is reduced to more personal then? The old view, although it continues to move forward in both directions, but popularity of the latter is much faster than the former, for the following reasons: First, the wearable device continues to be for personal stuff, user is an individual, purchasing decisions continue to be made, and it also makes it a smart mobile phone customer base are the same people, also makes it easier to pull the first core users. Furthermore, wearable device has a lower price, which also makes it a lower oakley sunglasses
On the contrary, smart TV is a family of public goods, to make buying decisions need to discuss family, long decision-making processes. Furthermore, smart television is difficult to form a core users, because young people, older persons and children in the family were watching TV, it's hard to define who is a real audience. Of course, higher prices also hampered the accelerating popularity of smart TV.oakley outlet

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