Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinterest new website design: substantially modify the detail view

Pinterest picture social networking site ( on Monday released a new website design, and said it would "very soon" by way of inviting the user to launch the new design. Pinterest beginning in January to test the new design.

New design, the most interesting change is the detailed view of the picture. When a user views a detailed view of a particular photo or screenshot of the Web page, on the right side bar you'll see previews for other content on the same plate. These preview images similar to Pinterest home plate-mosaic layouts and content, so as to maintain consistency throughout the site-wide style.

In the content panel below the preview, users will also see other content sources from the same site. For example, when a user views a beautiful shoe pictures, content will appear below the preview photos from a shop other shoes. Similarly, when a user is viewing a piece of scenery when, at this point will see other photos from the same photographer on the Web site.oakley outlet

The bottom of the page the greatest changes. Pinterest places a bar here, shows forward this piece of what has been published by other users. Pinterest idea may be, if a user likes a certain piece of content, you also might like by one user-published content. Typically, a given piece of content will be forwarded more than another user, so this new feature will help users and unified view of all related content.

Pinterest said it would "quickly" upgraded Android and iOS applications, to include these features. At present, Pinterest is all-round improvement of the service, to provide a simple and refreshing experience. For example, Pinterest to fine-tune the content box dimensions, the picture has become slightly oakleys

Pinterest blog says: "some of our content publishers to respond to feedback. They say that browsing does not want to lose their place in the process. Now, when they browse a variety of content, when you click on the link of interest, they can use the back button to return to the starting position.

The industry believes that these adjustments will drive user interaction with Pinterest service. This is not only because of the new design brings a delightful experience, and also because of the new design allows users to easily find new relevant content. Therefore, users will be more likely to interest in a particular product, service or experience, so as to bring the future to Pinterest commercialization opportunities.

Pinterest analysis has just launched a new service in the near future. Last month, the company completed a $ 200 million financing round, the company valued at about $ 2.5 oakley sunglasses