Thursday, April 25, 2013

See: Google goggles domestic initial evaluation

Google goggles, unveiled to the public for the first time at the Google I/O Conference in 2012, and accept the developer's application for registration at first use. At that time, the 3G Portal &GO the desktop in the United States, Ming Cao, Deputy and with a lot of people at the Conference were oakleys
After more than nine months, the first batch of glasses developer version of Google (Glass Explorer Edition, hereinafter referred to as "Google goggles") shipping worldwide limited edition of 2000. Registration number 528 Ming Cao received the invitation on April 19, drove more than 400 miles to Google's Office, got my Google glasses. According to Ming Cao described, when he and another colleague, as well as with colleagues of other domestic and foreign Internet companies had submitted applications for registration serial number first in domestic counterparts have not received one of the first invited in front of him, the reason, he has two aspects:cheap oakley sunglasses
1, Google goggles made by the team over the past several months a number of messages to those who register, hoping to get back – they think Google goggles should look like in the future, the development team can do something. Ming Cao made a positive response to for mail; 2, Cao Ming is a member of the 3G Portal GO DEV team is well-known for Android application development team, series Android application in large volumes of users around the world, last year to speed up the pace of globalization, set up in Silicon Valley of the United States Office is closer to come with Google.oakley outlet